In a land exchange proposed and approved by the City of Colorado Springs City Council in May 2016, The Broadmoor obtained a 182.14-acre site in North Cheyenne Canyon known as Strawberry Hill. In exchange for that property, the City of Colorado Springs acquired 371 acres and a variety of strategic trail easements previously owned by The Broadmoor that greatly improves city and public access to local trails and public recreation areas. Approximately half of the land the city received in the exchange consists of public trail easements and property for the Manitou Incline, part of the Barr Trail, an area in North Cheyenne Canyon and access to trails around Mount Muscoco.

Public input during last year’s land exchange process was extremely valuable in shaping numerous terms and conditions that ensure public access to The Broadmoor’s property.  A Conservation Easement, South Canyon Trail Easement, Chamberlain Trail Easement, Hully Gully Easement, Old Stage Road Access Easement, an 8.5-acre Building Envelope, several utility easements, and deed restrictions were recorded on the property by the City to ensure the public’s interests were legally protected and the terms of the land exchange would be upheld. 

The Broadmoor has entered into a Deed of Conservation Easement with the Palmer Land Trust over Strawberry Hill with the primary purposes to maintain the conservation values of the property including public recreation and education, and to preserve open space for public  enjoyment.

The 182.14-acre Strawberry Hill Property, located in North Cheyenne Canyon, is subject to this conservation easement.  The conservation easement requires development of a Master Plan, Management Plan and Recreation Plan for the property.  The Strawberry Hill plans are being developed by the local land planning firm of N.E.S., Inc. and its team of specialists on behalf of The Broadmoor. 

The planning process is intended to fulfill commitments made as part of the land exchange, meet requirements under the City of  Colorado Springs zoning code for park property, and to follow the terms of the conservation easement held by the Palmer Land Trust.

Plans must uphold the Conservation Purposes and Conservation Values identified in the conservation easement including Public Recreation/Education and Open Space as follows:

1) The Property is required to provide public access for passive outdoor recreation, trail connection, and associated recreational access for the use and enjoyment of the general public. 

2) The Property shall be planned and managed as open space because it has been preserved for the scenic enjoyment of the general public and will yield a significant public benefit.


planning process

In accordance with City Code and to fulfill requirements established as part of the land exchange with the City of Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor is engaging in a public Master Plan process for the Strawberry Hill property.  The Broadmoor has engaged a team of planners, public facilitators, natural and cultural resource specialists, recreation planners, engineers and surveyors to prepare the following plans for the property:

Master Plan
Management Plan
Recreation Plan
Erosion and Sediment Management Plan
Building Envelope Development Plan

The City of Colorado Springs Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Advisory Board has land-use regulatory authority over lands within the City’s (Park) PK Zone.  In this capacity, the Advisory Board will formally review and consider adoption of the Master Plan and Building Envelope Development Plan.

The terms and requirements established through the land exchange between the City of Colorado Springs and The Broadmoor require the development of an Erosion and Sediment Management Plan.  This plan will be submitted to the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department for formal review. 

Citizens are invited to provide input that will further inform and refine development of the Master Plan, during a series of public meetings.


Strawberry Hill Master Plan Project Team

The Broadmoor – owner of the Strawberry Hill property

N.E.S., Inc. – retained by The Broadmoor to manage the Master Plan process

Bachman pr – implementing the public process and communicate meeting notifications

ERO Resources – evaluating of natural and cultural resources, recreation planning

Kiowa Engineering – providing engineering, erosion and sediment management planning

Drexell Barrell, Inc – site surveying

Land Exchange Map


STRAWBERRY HILL property detailed map

Composite Map of the Strawberry Hill Property